Absence Management

We provide a comprehensive service to help businesses
manage absence effectively. With the aim of reducing
absence costs, staff turnover and recruitment costs
and improving productivity.

Working with Human Resource departments, Safety
Professionals and Line Management to understand the
business needs and culture, contributing towards creating
a proactive and preventative culture within the workplace.

Our Absence Management service includes:

Management referrals
Return to work assessments
Case management
Advice & Guidance

Managing people in a manner that is fair, caring & legal
can both challenging & rewarding. The impact of health,
safety and wellbeing in relation to work and employment
can be complex. We have extensive experience of
managing health issues in a wide variety of situations.

We are here to help you manage your business needs.

Our Advice & Guidance includes:

Employment law
Equality act
Health & safety advice
HR advice
Fit note
Fitness For Work Assessments

To understand "fit for work" requires knowledge and
understanding about the job role and environment
as well as an individual's personal health.

We offer objective and relevant advice about
fitness to work based on a thorough health
assessment recommending adjustments that are
reasonable and practical.

Our Fit For Work services includes:

Baseline assessments
Return to work assessments
Health Surveillance

Linked to legislation and the recognised hazards
and risks within your organisation, we offer a variety
of services, which can identify early changes in health
due to work.

This includes assessing lung function, skin,
hearing and musculoskeletal health including the
effects of vibration.

Our Health Surveillance service includes:

Specialist testing
Health monitoring
Health & Wellbeing

Good health & wellbeing is key to successful living, having
a proactive culture within the workplace to encourage
healthy living benefits both the employer and employee.

From physical health to mental wellbeing, we have a
wide variety of workshops and programmes to educate
and promote healthy living enabling people to get the
most out of life.

Our Health & Wellbeing service includes:

Bespoke health & wellbeing programmes
Themed health & wellbeing workshops
Health promotion & awareness
One to One coaching
Stress Management

Life is full of pressure, how we deal with
it is what matters.

From stress management workshops to one to one
coaching and counselling services, we can assist
managers and individuals to manage stress
more effectively.

Our Stress Management service includes:

Stress management workshops & training
Employee assisted programmes (EAP's)
Confidential coaching & counselling
Drug & Alcohol Screening

The impact of drugs & alcohol in the workplace can be significant and ensuring you have an appropriate policy and procedure in place to safeguard both your business and employees is important.

Features and benefits of our drug & alcohol screening services include:

  • Development of drug & alcohol policy
  • Screening in accordance with your drug & alcohol policy, for example:
    • Random unannounced testing
    • Regular screening
    • Testing for cause
  • Tests are non-invasive and involves taking samples of oral fluid, urine or hair
  • Rapid reporting of results
  • Straightforward methods, that follow chain of custody protocols
  • Analysis of non-negative results by UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Deter employee drug & alcohol abuse in the workplace
  • Promote a positive health & wellbeing message throughout your organisation
  • Confirms status in relation to safety critical roles in sectors such as construction, logistics, transport, healthcare, engineering & manufacturing
  • Guidance and signposting to support services

If you would like further information about how Gipping OH can assist with Drug & Alcohol screening please contact us by calling 01449 766913 or email advice@gipping.co.uk