December 2018 Newsletter

This year has been a busy year for us at Gipping OH, earlier in the year, along with many of you, we worked hard to ensure we were ready for GDPR. Our team of OH Advisors have been delivering our wide range of Occupational Health services including Health Surveillance, Drug & Alcohol testing and Occupational Health Vaccination services. Additionally, we have introduced Mental Health First Aid training, which is proving very popular.

Looking ahead we are always keen to ensure we are meeting your requirements and with this, in mind, we have a short online survey which we would really appreciate your participation with. The link to the survey can be found below this newsletter.

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

At this time of year, many of us will enjoy a festive drink or two and we thought it would be worth sharing some facts, figures and tips about alcohol to promote drinking responsibly. According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, more than 25 million adults in the UK drink regularly.

What’s the limit?

The recommendation is 14 units of alcohol per week for men and women. That equates to 6 medium (175ml) glasses of wine per week or 6 pints of beer per week. It’s best to spread units evenly across the week, avoid “binge” drinking in one go. On average, it takes about 1 hour for the body to break down 1 unit of alcohol, but this can be dependent on a number of factors, including age, gender, weight, food intake, medication and metabolic rate of a person. A simple way to reduce alcohol intake is to have several alcohol free days across a week.

Alcohol in the Workplace

Lost productivity due to alcohol use costs the UK economy more than £7 billion each year (Public Health England – Health matters report).

35% of people say they have noticed colleagues under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at work according to the Considerate Constructors Scheme – Spotlight on Drugs & Alcohol 2016.

How can I reduce the risks to my business?

A good starting point is to have a Drug & Alcohol policy, review it if you already have one to ensure it’s appropriate for your workplace. Gipping OH can advise with the development of your policy.

Raise awareness through activities, for example, promote Dry January, an annual campaign that encourages people to give up alcohol for the whole month. When organising social events for your team(s) think about events that aren’t always geared around alcohol and/or make sure a good choice of alcohol-free drinks is on offer.