July 2019 Newsletter

Health Information Week

Is a national awareness campaign highlighting both physical and mental health issues to encourage people to take more interest in their own health and wellbeing.

It’s an ideal opportunity for employers to engage their workforce regarding health at work.  This may involve promoting particular health topics that are relevant to your workforce, or highlighting the importance of healthy living by using the “5 Ways To Wellbeing” theme, for example.

CONNECT with people around you: your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Invest time developing these relationships.

BE ACTIVE to improve and maintain both physical and mental health.  150 minutes regular exercise during a week is recommended.

KEEP LEARNING to help build confidence and provide a sense of achievement.  It may be learning a new skill or joining a group to take part in a new activity.

GIVING TO OTHERS can improve our wellbeing, from small acts of kindness to signing up to take part in a charitable event, such as a 5k run or marathon which also benefits our physical health.

TAKE NOTICE and being more aware of the present moment, including your thoughts, feelings and body, can help with mental health issues such as anxiety.

We work with employers to develop health and wellbeing programmes and events, which provide employees with an opportunity to have a Mini Health Check and take part in themed Toolbox Talks.

These events are popular with employees, getting everyone talking and can be valuable in highlighting particular issues, such as raised blood pressure, high cholesterol level and low blood sugar, all of which may be a warning sign and encourage a person to visit their GP for further investigation and advice.  Toolbox talks can sow the seed that leads a person to make positive changes to their lifestyle, which can lead to improved health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in organising a Health & Wellbeing event and would like to find out more please contact us by calling 01449 766913 or email enquiries@gipping.co.uk

2019 Health Awareness Campaigns in July include

1st – 7th July Health Information Week

28th World Hepatitis Day

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course, designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. In the same way as learning physical first aid, MHFA teaches people how to recognise those crucial warning signs of mental ill health and feel confident to guide someone to appropriate support.  Why not join a course to become a Mental Health First Aider to help build a mentally healthy workplace.

2-day Adult MHFA 

We will be running our next open courses in Needham Market on:

17th & 18th July 2019

14th & 15th August 2019

£300 + VAT per delegate

To find out more or book a place on our next course please call 01449 766913

or email enquiries@gipping.co.uk