OH Management and Record System

Our OH Management System is designed to support managers to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees; ensuring that they are at work, working, and working safely. From recruitment, health surveillance and managing ill health and performance issues our system enables you to plan and organise effectively, maintain appropriate records that comply with regulatory and legislative requirements, whilst supporting the effective delivery of services. When setting up a new programme we will take you through the system and help you become familiar with following the system and the accompanying forms.

Record Keeping – This plays an integral and significant part in all the services we provide to your organisation and the people working within it. In compliance with the current Data Protection Act, Occupational Health Records are maintained confidentially for each employee seen on behalf of your company. Advice is given in writing to management, with a copy to the individual, based on the information gathered, to ensure clear communication and evidence of duty of care. All documents are written in a manner that would make a significant contribution to the overall risk or claim management for either party.

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