Returning to the Workplace

Employers across the country are busy getting to grips with the latest Government Covid-19 Secure guidance, as it applies to their business sector.

The focus is on protecting the health of your employees, customers, visitors and contractors whilst doing everything practicable to avoid transmission of the disease.

When it comes to protecting employees with health conditions, for whom Covid – 19 poses a higher level of risk, your Occupational Health Partner can provide valuable advice and guidance. We can assess the risks to those employees deemed more vulnerable due to pre-existing conditions or ongoing issues following Covid – 19 infection. Fitness for work of some of your employees may have changed since lockdown and we are here to provide a professional opinion and guide you to ensure your employees are healthy both physically and psychologically in the workplace.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 18th to 24th May 2020

This year Mental Health Awareness Week falls at a time when the people of the UK need more help with their Mental Health and Wellbeing than ever.

For many the pandemic has taken its toll, leading to heightened levels of stress and anxiety, which may have been triggered by concerns such as  health worries, financial difficulties, job security, bereavement, isolation, family relationships, abuse, addictions, concerns about leaving the home or worries about exposure to the virus at work, to name but a few.

Whatever is at the root of the difficulties being faced, we have a suite of measures to help your business and your staff.

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