September 2021 Newsletter

Revised Management Referral Documents

We have made slight changes to our Management Referral Form and ask that you use this latest version with immediate effect by downloading it now using the link below. We have also included links to guidance notes for employers and employees as well as a health questionnaire.

Whilst writing we have also taken the opportunity to remind you of all the cases and situations where such a consultation may be helpful to you and your employees.

Here are those useful links:

Management Referral Consultations

Our Management Referral service is effective when dealing with physical and psychological health issues that might be affecting an individual’s attendance, performance, conduct or safety at work. We provide you with clear and relevant written advice, helping you plan and manage each individual case.

Following a discussion between the line manager and employee regarding a possible referral to occupational health, the management referral document is completed and submitted to our administration team. Our clinical team can also support and guide you with the most appropriate time to refer depending on each individual’s circumstances. The OH advisor will conduct a comprehensive consultation and assessment lasting around 60 minutes to investigate all relevant aspects of the case. Clear and relevant advice is then provided in a detailed written report which will also answer the employer’s specific questions. We follow a collaborative process with both the employer and employee to provide impartial advice that addresses the needs of the employee whilst considering the requirements of the business too.

Primarily we aim to provide sufficient advice and guidance following the initial consultation for the case to be effectively managed and resolved. In some cases, referrals to other health professionals, such as physiotherapists and counsellors enable a faster resolution to be achieved.

Sickness Absence Management

Our team of occupational health advisors and specialist OH nurses are trained and experienced in assessing individuals who may be absent from work due to injury, acute illness, chronic illness, surgery or sometimes terminal illness.  Our skilled clinicians will provide useful guidance and advice to Employers on how best to manage the health condition in the work environment and the impact it may have on their ability to complete their role.

Management of physical and musculoskeletal issues

Our Occupational Health physiotherapy services can be undertaken at a clinic, remotely or in your workplace to examine, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal disorders; including Functional Capacity assessments, Workstation assessments and Ergonomic assessments in all work environments. A physiotherapy assessment will also offer specific guidance and recommendation to the Employer on how to best manage any musculoskeletal issues an employee may be experiencing.

Mental health issues

Awareness of the effects of mental health issues is growing.  Our management referral service for mental health issues is a great way of supporting an individual with mental ill-health whilst providing guidance to employers on how they can best support their employees in the workplace. Our OH Advisors can refer to our mental health specialist clinicians or allied services such as Psychologists and Psychotherapists if required.

Return to Work

Fit to work assessments are ideal for those returning to work following significant absence and has been particularly relevant in the context of the Covid 19 Pandemic with people shielding at home for health reasons and working from home for many months during lockdowns. This careful assessment confirms employee fitness for a role and is important where physical and mental fitness is key to safe and effective performance, or where health may be put at risk.

Please download the documents now and if we can be of further assistance or you need the documents in an alternative format please email or telephone 01449 766913, we will be pleased to help.