Talking Therapies

There are a variety of talking therapies available that can help people find answers to the problems they are faced with and a wide range of conditions and circumstances that can be helped; you might me suffering with stress, anxiety or depression or just going through a bad time and experiencing emotional problems. You might suffer with post traumatic stress, have difficulty coming to terms with bereavement or be battling an addiction or eating disorder. Often it is easier to talk to a stranger than friends, colleagues or family. We can arrange for confidential one to one sessions with trained therapists and avoid NHS waiting times because the sooner your treatment starts, the sooner you will start to feel better and more able to cope. We have trusted partners in East Anglia and through our EAP scheme partners are able to access therapists Nationally

It’s good to talk and to find out how easy it is to do so, please email or telephone 01449 766913

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